ScratchBeta Terms of Use

ScratchBeta is a community driven site, which means you are ultimately responsible for keeping it safe. Please follow the following rules:

  • Be appropriate - This is a website for all ages, so all content submitted must be appropriate for those ages.
  • Give credit - Give credit when copying or remixing other users projects or when using scripts or sprites made by other users.
  • Be respectful - Respect opinions and actions of others and don't be mean or rude to anybody about their ideas.
  • Be constructive - Keep comments and reveiws for projects on-topic. Example: tell people what you like about there project, and what they could do better. Don't just tell them that a project is bad.
  • Be honest - Don't try to trick the community or pretend to be someone you're not.
  • Flag / Report anything that doesn't follow the above rules - We want to keep this site safe, and you can help. If you see anything that does not follow the rules, flag / report it to let us know.

Extended Rules

The following things are not allowed on this site under any circumstances:

  • Inappropriate images
  • Profanity (inappropriate language)
  • Excessive violence in projects (Mild violence is ok)
  • Anything that is rude to any individual group
  • "Spam" or posting stuff that isn't related to the topic at hand
  • Copying work from anybody else without giving visible credit
  • Lies, fake/hoax information, or impersonation of another user
  • Reporting stuff that obviously is following the rules. (If we see why you might think it is against our rules, even if we disagree, that is acceptable.)


If you break any of these rules the content violating these rules will be removed and one or more of the following may happen:

  • A notification through the site messaging system asking the violater to stop
  • A temporary ban from a specific feature
  • A temporary ban from the entire site
  • A permanent ban from the entire site

Privacy Policy

Whenever using this site, you agree to submit your IP address. That will only be used for analytics purposes or for tracking users in the case of bad behavior. Any other information you submit to us, you agree to let us keep for as long as we see fit. Information such as IP addresses will remain private on our servers.

We collect some data using Google Analytics. Information collected and processed by Google Analytics includes the network location, URLs visited and geographic location. Google Analytics acquires all its information directly from the user, by installing a cookie on your computer, if you have enabled JavaScript. Google does not collect any personally identifying information about you.

Your password on this site is hashed with the password_hash() function for security. It will remain private and hashed on this server.

The servers store a copy of content deleted by users. This content is visible to the ScratchBeta Team.